1. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Unterföhring U12 und U14
8. Oktober 2017


Bericht: Martin Kerschensteiner
The first Bavarian tournament of the year traditionally took place on the pitch of the RC Unterföhring and as is a tradition as well the weather conditions were not exactly tropical. Anyway this was the first time that the newly formed Under 12 team played competitive games and some people (for example the manager) were a bit unsure whether we would be strong enough to field two competitive teams. But our trainers had faith in our kids and (as usual) turned out to be right as both teams won all of their matches decisively (see below) and finished first and second of the tournament after a friendly final (with some friendly fire as Louis, Leo and Alexis can probably attest to). More important than the pure results was that both teams showed clear progress throughout the tournament and ameliorated their performance from game to game. Nonetheless there is clearly still a lot of work left till we can approach the standard set by last years championship team and many aspects of our game need to be improved (like advancing as one line…..something Antoine must have mentioned a couple of times during the tournament). Anyway there will be plenty of chances to continue to improve – next up the rugby festival at the MRFC next Sunday.
Finally, two big “thanks yous” – one to our coach Antoine, who motivate, instructed, warmed up and coached both teams pretty much without a break and the other to our excellent referee Richard Hollow who stepped in on very short notice and was on the pitch (in shorts !!!) without a break for the entire tournament. Merci Antoine and thanks a lot Richard !!!
Trainer: David Clegg, Antoine Miguiet
Martin Kerschensteiner
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions):
Mathis Closs, Timote Dupuis, Noah Eiselt, Rupert Hollow, Titouan Pochet, Johann Schmidt, Louis Viallard, Bruno Zamola (Capt)
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Giorgio Delli Colli, Alexis Kerschensteiner (C), Loic Miller, Felix Müller, Christian Pearce, Denny Riedmeyr, Leonardo Tomasi, Luis Weber

München RFC II - RC Unterföhring I: 25:10 (Tries: Alexis Kerschensteiner 2x, Christian Pearce, Leonardo Tomasi, Luis Weber)
München RFC II - SG SC Gröbenzell/RFC Augsburg: 65:0 (Tries: Alexis Kerschensteiner 4x, Leonardo Tomasi 4x, Christian Pearce 3x, Giorgio Delli Colli 2x)
München RFC I - RC Unterföhring II: 50:0 (Tries: Mathis Closs 3x, Bruno Zamola 3x, Johann Schmidt 2x, Louis Viallard 2x)
München RFC I - SG RC Regensburg/TUS FFB/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 40:10 (Tries: Louis Viallard 5x, Bruno Zamola 3x)
München RFC II - SG RC Regensburg/TUS FFB/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 45:10 (Tries: Leonardo Tomasi 3x, Alexis Kerschensteiner 2x, Felix Müller, Christian Pearce,Giorgio Delli Colli, Luis Weber)
München RFC I - RC Unterföhring I: 40:20 (Tries:Tries: Louis Viallard 5x, Bruno Zamola 3x)
München RFC I - München RFC II: 30:25
1. Platz und 2. Platz

Bericht: Gennaro De Lucia
This was the first tournament of the season 2017/18. The hosts of the RC Unterföhring have done everything to ensure a successful day, in spite of clearly autumnal weather conditions. The U14 age category included two teams from the MRFC, the Lions (I) and the Tigers (II), the Spielgemeinschaft RC-Regensburg/Nürnberg/Augsburg and the Spielgemeinschaft RC StuSta/Anzing/Unterföhring.
The first match saw the two MRFC teams playing against each other. After a balanced first half, which ended 2 tries each side, the second half saw a clear acceleration from the Lions. During the first half Quentin and Daniel scored for the Lions; Cilian and Jérémie for the Tigers. The rucks and the scrums were equally powered and one could see little difference in the attack and defence of each team. Then the second half came and with it some changes. Nobody imagined that in the second half Timo would boost the attacks of the Lions. He scored three tries, one after the other and Tane closed the count, bringing the final score to 6 tries to 2 in favour of the Lions.
The second match of the Lions was against the SG StuSta/Anzing/Unterföhring. The opponents of the Lions tried all in their power to stop the continuous attacks from the Lions’ wings Timo and Tane, but the two of them were simply unstoppable. As soon as they received the ball and had the opportunity to run, there were little chances to tackle them. In total they scored 9 tries and other two came from Anton and Quentin. The rest of the team, in particular the forwards, also deserve a special acknowledgment. Without their winning in the rucks and scrums, the wings would have not been able to receive the ball. The Lions conceded only one try to the opponents and the final score was: Lions beat SG StuSta /Anzig/Unterföhring 11 tries to 1.
At the same time as the Lions’ match, on the pitch beside them, the Tigers were taking on the SG Regensburg/Nürnberg/Augsburg. The Tigers started strongly with good rucks lead by the relentless Jérémie, supported by Fynn and Francesco, with Cilian and Adam ready to pick up the ball and pass it on to Connor, Orlando, Chris and Patraic. Orlando and Connor did not disdain to get involved in the rucks, as well as running as backs. In the 14 minutes of the match, the Tigers scored 13 tries and conceded only 1 to the opponents.
After about 1.5-hour rest, the third and final match started for both MRFC teams. The Tigers met the SG StuSta/Anzig/Unterföhring and the Lions the SG Regensburg/Nürnberg/Augsburg. Once again the Lions and Tigers repeated their performance of the previous matches and won respectively 8 tries to 1 and 9 to 1.
The final ranking of the day was: Lions first, Tigers second, SG StuSta/Anzing/Unterföhring third and SG Regensburg/Nürnberg/Augsburg fourth
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi, Sergio Delgado
Gennaro De Lucia, Marco Tarquini
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions):
Daniel Cunney, Quentin Moughty, Lucas Hess, Eudes Vermersch, Leon Petry, Tane Varchmin, Eliseo Tarquini, Timo Bode, Anton Eldracher.
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Cilian Moughty, Francesco Uber, Adam Lauvergne, Patraic Hollow, Chris Riedmeyr, Orlando Tarquini, Fynn Khiari, Connor De Lucia

München RFC I - München RFC II: 30:10 (Tries: Lions: Quentin Moughty, Daniel Cunney, Tane Varchmin 3x, Timo Bode; Tigers: Cilian Moughty, Jérémie Kerschensteiner)
München RFC I - SG Stusta Rugby München/Anzing/RC Unterföhring: 55:5 (Tries: Tane Varchmin 6x, Timo Bode 3x, Anton Eldracher, Quentin Moughty)
München RFC II - SG Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/RFC Augsburg: 65:5 (Tries: Connor De Lucia 7x , Cilian Moughty 2x, Adam Lauvergne 2x, Chris Riedmeyr, Fynn Khiari)
München RFC I - SG Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/RFC Augsburg: 40:5 (Tries: Tane Varchmin 3x, Timo Bode 2x, Anton Eldracher, Quentin Moughty, Daniel Cunney)
München RFC II - SG Stusta Rugby München/Anzing/RC Unterföhring: 45:5 (Tries: Fynn Khiari 3x,Cilian Moughty 2x,Connor De Lucia 2x,Patraic Hollow, Jérémie Kerschensteiner)