1. Rugby Festival in München U12 und U14
15. Oktober 2017


U12 und U14:
Bericht: Gennaro de Lucia
Last Sunday, 15.10.2017, the first U12-U14 Bavarian Rugby Festival took place in Munich. The host was the München Rugby Football Club (MRFC).
The invitation to the festival was sent to all Bavarian rugby clubs, to some in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony, including to neighbouring Austria and Northern Italy. This time, we did not manage to achieve an international participation, but clubs replied saying that they would still be interested in receiving the invitation to future events. Last Sunday, the MRFC was joined by representatives from the rugby clubs of Regensburg, Nürnberg, Augsburg, Würzburg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Unterföhring and StuSta.
Supported by a wonderful late summer weather, approx. 60 players accompanied by around 50 adults and siblings enjoyed the opportunity to play a different game of “Bavarian rugby”. Usually, in Bavaria the tournaments are played 7-a-side. In other Länder and Countries, at this age, they start already playing 10-a-side in the U12 category and 13-a-side in the U14. The same applies to the German championships in those categories.
After the usual presence count at the captains’ meeting, we could organise 3 matches in the U12 category and two in the U14. For many of the players, the first differences became immediately apparent. Some of them were playing for the first time with more than 6 team mates and were surprised to have a bigger field to take care of, as well as, “so many opponents” to defend from! Also the scrums seemed all of a sudden “real ones, like we see them on TV”. Once passed the first surprise, they all got head down into the “new game of rugby” and fully enjoyed the day. Another difference was the match time: the U12 had to get used to play 10 minutes per half time and the U14, 15 minutes.
With the exception of one match in each category, the other matches were played with mixed teams. That meant that the players (and jerseys) were exchanged, independently which club they belonged to. This added the extra taste of being part of a bigger Bavarian rugby community and nobody came afterwards complaining for a missing try. In fact, nobody was really interested in any result! Possibly, with a different participation and with more teams, the results may gain in weight, who knows. In any case, we hope that, by repeating this kind of festivals in Bavaria, we will be able to build up a stronger rugby tradition also south of Heidelberg!
A big thank to all participating players, clubs, trainers, managers and family members, who made this day possible. See you next time!