2. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in München U12 und U14
22. Oktober 2017


Bericht: Martin Kerschensteiner
The report from the 2nd Bavarian tournament of the year that took place at the MRFC this Sunday will be a particular short one as the manager (and chronicler) spend most of his day at the Turnierleitung and therefore did not really see many of the U12 matches of the day. Anyway there are at least 3 big positives to take from the tournament (1) it did not rain, which was contrary to the weather predictions and allowed us to use (and not destroy) both grass and artificial pitches, (2) we have our new Bavaria-themed MRFC jerseys, which feature an extra large V neck probably to facilitate high tackles, (3) the results were again positive as both teams won all of their extra-MRFC games and drew against each other. So well done everyone !!
Other than that there is still room for improvement as our play is rarely fluid and often dominated by individual runs. So there will be plenty of things to work on in the next training sessions before the 3rd Bavarian tournament awaits us at the end of November. Finally, again two big “thanks yous” – one to our “Erfolgstrainer” Antoine, who coached both teams and kept his remarkable win record with the U12 intact and the other to our excellent referee Fernando Zamola, who refereed all of the U12 games and well deserved his beer at the end. Merci Antoine and grazie mille Fernando !!!

Trainer: David Clegg, Antoine Miguiet
Martin Kerschensteiner
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions):
Mathis Closs, Giorgio Delli Colli, Alexis Kerschensteiner, Loic Miller, Titouan Pochet, , Denny Riedmeyr, Louis Viallard (Capt.), Luis Weber
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Timote Dupuis, Noah Eiselt, Rupert Hollow, Felix Müller, Christian Pearce, Johann Schmidt, Leonardo Tomasi, Bruno Zamola (Capt.)

München RFC I - München RFC II: 15:15 (Tries Lions: Giorgio Delli Coli, Alexis Kerschensteiner, Louis Viallard; Tries Tigers: Timote Dupuis 2x, Bruno Zamola)
München RFC I - RC Regensburg: 25:5 (Tries: Louis Viallard 3x, Mathis Closs, Alexis Kerschensteiner )
München RFC I - RC Unterföhring: 25:5 (Tries: Tries: Louis Viallard 2x, Luis Weber 2x, Alexis Kerschensteiner )
München RFC II - RC Regensburg: 25:15 (Tries: Bruno Zamola 3x, Leo Tomasi 2x)
München RFC II - RC Unterföhring: 25:10 (Tries: Bruno Zamola 2x, Christian Pearce 2x, Rupert Hollow)
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1. Platz und 2. Platz

Bericht: Gennaro De Lucia
This was the first tournament held by the MRFC on his home grounds, since the U12 German Championship, two years ago. In view of the fact that the writer of this report was also part of the organisation team, he could not follow all the matches of the U14 with the same attention. As a consequence, this time, the report will be a shorter one.
As at the 1st Bavarian Youth championship, in Unterföhring, two weeks earlier, the U14 category was strong of four teams: two from the MRFC (Lions and Tigers), the registered Spielgemeinschaft Regensburg-Nürnberg and StuSta. Additional players from Würzburg, Unterföhring, Anzing and Augsburg joined one team or the other.
The results reported below give an idea of how the day went for the MRFC teams. They easily won all the matches against their opponents and when it came to play against each other, the outcome was very close. The Lions won just by one try. The U14 group, is manned by well trained and experienced players. Of lately, some new ones joined the team and they are integrating in the group and learning the basic elements of the game very quickly.
Overall, it was another successful tournament for the U14. A big thank you to our trainers, Giacomo and Sergio, for taking good care of our U14 young men!
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi, Sergio Delgado
Gennaro De Lucia, Marco Tarquini
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions):
Quentin Moughty, Lucas Hess, Connor De Lucia, Leon Petry, Tane Varchmin, Orlando Tarquini, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Lucas Delord, Christopher Riedmeyr.
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Adam Lauvergne, Patraic Hollow, Albaraa Almutairi, Timo Bode, Eliseo Tarquini, Fynn Khiari, Daniel Cunney, Philipp Eissner, Basile de Broissia, Eudes Vermersch, Felix (Anzing).

München RFC I - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/Würzburger RK/RFC Augsburg: 55:0 (Tries: Tane Varchmin 3x, Connor De Lucia 3x, Quentin Moughty 2x, Leon Petry, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Orlando Tarquini)
München RFC II - SG RC Unterföhring/STusta Rugby München: 30:5 (Tries: Timo Bode 2x, Patraic Hollow, Basile de Broissia 2x, Daniel Cunney)
München RFC I - SG RC Unterföhring/STusta Rugby München: 35:0 (Tries: Connor De Lucia 2x, Tane Varchmin 2x,Lucas Delord, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Leon Petry)
München RFC II - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/Würzburger RK/RFC Augsburg: 30:5 (Tries: Albaraa Almutairi 2x,Basile de Broissia 2x, Daniel Cunney, Felix)
München RFC I - München RFC II: 15:10 (Tries Lions: Connor De Lucia 2x, Quentin Moughty; Tries Tigers: Daniel Cunney 2x)

1. Platz und 2. Platz