2. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in München U8 und U10
22. Oktober 2017


Bericht: folgt!
Trainer: Lisa Steyer, Desiree Jaksch, Zsuzsi Jakab
Rica Hiemstra
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Cajus Arons, Maxence Pochet, Connor Milton, Gabriel Russell, Noemié Kerschensteiner, Tommaso Melloni

SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München - RC Unterföhring: 2:7
SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 6:1


Bericht: Jean de Broissia
The kids have played 3 matches but unfortunately have lost all of them. The first match was against Unterföhring which won 7-3. Jan, Mario and Konstantin scored the tries.
The second match was the more balanced, as we lost 5-3 against Regensburg-Nüremberg. Xavier and Victor scored the tries. The last match was the more disapointing as we lost 10-3 against Augsburg- Gröbenzell-Ingoldstad-Anzing. Xavier and Mario scored the tries.
Despite the result, the players have shown a good team spirit and will to play. We had around the half of the team which is just starting to play rugby this year, it was for them only the second tournament of their life! Moreover, some of our experimented players were missing today. Our players have done nice actions during the first two matches, but they let go of the last match. We congratulate our two coaches Zoe and Carly who have motivated the players with real enthusiasm.
Trainer: Zoe Chioato, Charlotta Ludwig
Nicolas Vermersch
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Paul Leither, Jan Wilhelm Valvoda, Konstantin Schmidt, Xavier Delarozée, Mario Zamola, Leo Jacob Arons, Matias Wennier, Victor Di Bari, Timeo Kerschensteiner, Thomas Di Pasquale, Philipp Kloos

München RFC - RC Unterföhring: 3:7 (Tries: Jan, Mario, Konstantin)
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 3:5 (Tries: Xavier, Victor)
München RFC - SG RFC Augsburg/SC Gröbenzell/TSV 1861 Ingolstadt/SV Anzing: 3:10 (Tries: Xavier, Victor)