3. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Regensburg U12 und U14
26. Novemberber 2017


Bericht: Martin Kerschensteiner
The last Bavarian tournament of the year took place on (yet another) cold Sunday on the pitch of the RC Regensburg. Due to some injuries the MRFC this time only fielded one (but therefore rather large) team that brought together some more experienced players with some more recent additions. As the results show overall our team performed very well and while a solid defense has always been the calling card of the MRFC U12 teams our offense shows signs of improving and in particular slowly started to rely less on singular talents (and individual actions) and become more of a passing attack that uses the skills of the entire team. This was most obvious in the final against an improved RCU 1 team, in which our team showed the best rugby played by the 2017-2018 addition of the U12 to date. The result was a clear 45:05 victory and a first place finish in the tournament, which also means that the MRFC U12 teams finish the first part of the season undefeated. Finally a big thanks to our “coach de jour” Fernando, who prepared, motivated and focused the team so successfully throughout the tournament overcoming all of its smaller (the sort of muddy pitch) and  larger (semifinal opponents that needed to be dragged from the changing room) challenges.
So in summary, a cold but successful finish to the year - next up the Christmas party and Beach Rugby before the outside season continues in 2018.

Trainer: David Clegg, Antoine Miguiet
Martin Kerschensteiner
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Mathis Closs, Giorgio Delli Colli, Timote Dupuis, Noah Eiselt, Loic Miller, Felix Müller, Christian Pearce, Titouan Pochet,  Victoria Ramos Bernal,  Johann Schmidt, Leo Tomasi, Louis Viallard,  Bruno Zamola

München RFC - RC Regensburg: 25:10 (Tries: Louis Viallard 3x, Leo Tomasi, Bruno Zamola)
München RFC - RC Unterföhring II: 30:10 (Tries: Louis Viallard 2x, Mathis Closs, Giorgio Delli Colli, Johann Schmidt, Leo Tomasi)
München RFC - RC Pilsen: 45:15 (Tries: Louis Viallard 3x, Bruno Zamola 2x, Giorgio Delli Colli, Timote Dupuis, Christian Pearce, Leo Tomasi)
München RFC - RC Unterföhring I: 45:5 (Tries: Louis Viallard 5x, Timote Dupuis 2x, Christian Pearce, Leo Tomasi)
1. Platz

Bericht: Marco Tarquini
The last  Bavarian tournament of the year took place on the grass pitch of the Rugby club Regensburg 2000, with cold winter weather and some snow.
The U14 category was strong of four teams: two from the MRFC (Lions and Tigers), the registered Spielgemeinschaft Regensburg-Nürnberg and StuSta. Additional players from Würzburg, Unterföhring, Anzing and Augsburg and Pilzen joined one team or the other. It was the first time for our Simon, well done! The MRFC Lions won, respecting the opponent, the two match without problem, also the MRFC Tigers won, but some missed tackle in the first half, have given the opportunity to make easy tries to our opponent.
At the end for the weather condition, We decided to not play Lions vs Tigers, unnecessary for the ranking, and to give the right time for shower, before the long bus trip. A big thank to all participating players, family members, and friends. See you next time and next Year!
As usually a big thank you to our trainers!
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi, Sergio Delgado
Gennaro De Lucia, Marco Tarquini
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions):
Basile de Broissia, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Eudes Vermersch, Fynn Khiari, Leon Petry, Timo Bode, Anton Eldracher, Orlando Tarquini
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Adam Lauvergne, Eliseo Tarquini, Simon Peschke, Lucas Delord, Philipp Eissner, Giorgio Lombardi, Daniel Cunney, Quentin Moughty

München RFC I - SG Stusta Rugby München: 40:0 (Tries: Basile de Broissia 3x, Timo Bode, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Anton Eldracher, Orlando Tarquini 2x)
München RFC II - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 40:5 (Tries: Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Daniel Cunney 2x, Philipp Eissner 2x, Quentin Moughty , Eliseo Tarquini)
München RFC II - SG Stusta Rugby München: 40:20 (Tries: Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Daniel Cunney 2x, Philipp Eissner, Quentin Moughty, Lucas Delord, Eliseo Tarquini)
München RFC I - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 70:0 (Tries: Basile de Broissia 2x, Timo Bode 5x, Anton Eldracher 4x, Fynn Khiari 3x)
1. Platz und 2. Platz