3. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Regensburg U8 und U10
26. November 2017


Bericht: Rica Hiemstra
The first snow of the year gave Munich at the morning of the 26th of November a nice sugary layer. Fortunately we left that behind us and found a cloudy but dry Regensburg. On grounds situated directly at the Danube river, Rugby Club  Regensburg hosted the 3rd Bavarian Rugby Tournament of this year. Désirée and Audrey performed very well as substitute coaches, Lisa attending a trainers course at the same time. Despite some absences due to illness, our U8 team entered the tournament with four players: Livia, Tommaso, Maxence and Cajus. Together with Gröbenzell a nice ´Spielgemeinschaft´ was formed. After making acquaintance it was decided to play the first game in black/orange and the second game in MRFC Blue. Our first game was against a Rugby Club Plzen from Czech Republic. It was a very nice, lively game and both teams were matched in strength. The children showed their technical skills in making rucks and a mauls. The team passed the ball very well to each other and tried to form (and stay!) in a line. Maxence made two tries and the other tries were made by the Gröbenzell players. We lost the game with 5 to 8. The game was very nice to watch especially because our young players really tried to apply the technical skills they learned during training, like forming a line and passing the ball further down the line.
The second and the last game we played was against Unterföhring. This time we played in our own blue shirts and Maxence was our captain. The Unterföhring team is strong and has good technical skills. So we knew it would be hard to win. Our ´Spielgemeinschaft´ managed very well and gave their best. Although we did good in the first game, we still need to work on our passing skills and forming a line. In that way we won´t let any players from the other team get through our defense. This game was also lost: 1 to 8.
Trainer: Lisa, Désirée, Audrey
Rica Hiemstra
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Livia, Tommaso, Maxence and Cajus

SG München RFC/SC Gröbenzell - Pilsen: 5:8
SG München RFC/SC Gröbenzell - RC Unterföhrung: 5:8
3. Platz

The weather was really cold with a little bit snow.
Our players did very well as they showed beautiful rugby, precise passes, organised rucks. We are really proud as the Lions finished Number 2 and the Tigers Number 5.
Trainer: Zoe Chiaoto
Nicolas Vermersch
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I Lions:
Blaise Vermersch, Antoine Philippe, Mateo Nieto Deliz, Paul Leither, Till Zimmer, Matias Wennier, Thomas Di Pasquale, Konstantin Schmidt, Ivano Adric
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II Tigers:
Mario Zamola, Timeo Kerschensteiner, Joseph de Broissia, Axel Meyer, Jan Valvoda, Hendrik Neubacher, Leon Arons and Victor di Bari

München RFC I - RC Pilsen: 5:2 (Tries: Till Zimmer 2x, Mateo Nieto Deliz, Matias Wennier, Blaise Vermersch)
München RFC II - RC Regensburg: 3:4 (Tries: Joseph de Broissia 2x, Hendrik Neubacher)
München RFC I - SG RFC Augsburg/SC Gröbenzell: 4:3 (Tries: Till Zimmer 2x, Matias Wennier)
München RFC II - RC Unterföhring: 5:7 (Tries: Joseph de Broissia 4x, Mario Zamola)
München RFC II - RC Pilsen: 4:4 (Tries: Joseph de Broissia 3x, Hendrik Neubacher)
München RFC I - RC Unterföhring: 4:3 (Tries: Mateo Nieto Deliz 2x, Till Zimmer, Matias Wennier)
München RFC I - RC Regensburg: 2:5 (Tries: Till Zimmer, Antonin Philippe)

2.Platz und 5. Platz