4. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Nürnberg U16
15. April 2018


Bericht: Alan Moughty
München RFC - Pirates: 15:7
Defense was very good, the 2 minutes in the 2nd where we kept them out and turned over ball won the game. Alan was outstanding. Great tackle by Cilian to save a certain try. Great hands by Constantin to Patrick who scored a good try. Brilliant spin out of the tackle by Alan and off-load to Aron who also showed great skill to off load for Alan’s try. Had two penalties inside our 5m line and decided to run them instead of slowing down, give time to recover and exit with a kick to touch.
München RFC - Stusta Rugby München: 5:14
Great 7’s played by the team, moved the ball well and defended very well. Made a bad mistake for first try - second hit did not go on the ball which lead to offload and score. Super foot work by Erik to break the line multiple times. Last try was either we score or lose the ball in a turnover. In attack we ended up far too flat. We need to get deep and hold so we can move the ball wide. Also need to play heads up rugby when on the try line. Take the easy scores and not go back in-side.
München RFC - Würzburger RK: 17:17
Bodies were tired and stiff,  but showed good mental strength to push through it. David scored a great try with powerful running.  Elliot, Alan and Aran brought good energy to the team to pull back into the game. Great team effort for Lucas to score the last try and level the game.
econd placed in the tournament, excellent result!

Trainer: Alan Moughty
Manager: -

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Eliot Dufour, David Pritchard, Aron Wijnbergen, Erik Oostendorp, Patrick Everding, Cilian Moughty, Lucas Bauer, Konstantin Fiedler, Alan Tofolo

München RFC - Pirates: 15:7 (Tries: Alan Tofolo 2x, Patrick Everding)
München RFC - Stusta Rugby München: 5:14 (Tries: Lucas Bauer)
München RFC - Würzburger RK: 17:17 (Tries: David Pritchard, Konstantin Fiedler, Lucas Bauer)

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