4. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Nürnberg U12 und U14
15. April 2018


Bericht: Martin Kerschensteiner
The first Bavarian tournament of the year 2018 took place on the pitch of the TSV1846 Nürnberg and contrary to the traditional Bavarian Rugby experience this time the sun was shining, the pitch was dry and at least for the U12 more grass than mud. Our team overall made good use of the friendly conditions and after a slow start played mostly decent y games despite the fact that some of our players experienced some “Frühjahrsmüdigkeit” along the way. The end results were positive as well as our team won all three games to finish in first place. Special mentions deserve Bruno, who came back from a stomach flu within the same tournament, Leo, who channeled his inner Tom Brady to throw a perfect pass across the field, while being being tackled and Felix D, who played very well in his first Bavarian tournament. Finally, a big “thanks you” to our coach David, who instructed, warmed up and coached the team and also helped out as a referee for the Under 10 games (despite the fact that this meant a painful separation from his well-deserved post-tournament beer).

Trainer: David Clegg, Robin Compeyron, James Stockwin
Martin Kerschensteiner
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Felix Deutschenbaur, Giorgio Delli Colli, Timote Dupuis (Capt.), Loic Miller, Felix Müller, Christian Pearce, Johann Schmidt, Leonardo Tomasi, Louis Viallard, Bruno Zamola, Xaver (RFCBR)

München RFC - RC Unterföhring: 50:5 (Tries: Leo Tomasi 4x, Louis Viallard 3x, Giorgio Delli Colli, Christian Pearce, Xaver (RFCBR))
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/SC Gröbenzell: 30:20 (Tries: Giorgio Delli Colli 3x, Leonardo Tomasi, Felix Müller, Louis Viallard)
München RFC- SG RFC Augsburg/SC Gröbenzell: 60:00 (Tries: Louis Viallard 4x, Christian Pearce 2x, Bruno Zamola 2x, Timote Dupuis, Felix Müller, Leonardo Tomasi, Xaver (RFCBR))

1. Platz

Bericht: Gennaro De Lucia
The second part of the season 2017/18 started with a transfer to Nürnberg. The bus organised by the MRFC left Ostbahnhof at 8.10 on Sunday morning, pretty full with players of all categories (U10-16) and some accompagning adults. After one stop north of Munich to pick up more passengers, we arrived at the pitch at around 10.00ish. Just the time to distribute the jerseys and shorts (most are too small for an oversized U14 team!) and the boys were warming up for the 1st match. During the captains' meeting, the two 8-man MRFC teams were reinforced with two additional players each. Darius and Daniel, from the Rugby Bad Reichenhall, joined the Lions. Yannick and Julian, from the Rugby Club Augsburg, joined the Tigers.
The first match saw the Lions playing against the Tigers! What a way to start a tournament and warm up for the day! After a pretty balanced beginning, with both team scoring one try each, with Anton and Daniel C., the Lions started putting some distance. Anton scored another two tries and Connor closed the gap with one try. He also stopped Philipp just a couple of meters from the try line with a flying tackle thereby, saving the Lions from a larger gap, just before half-time.The second half was definitely all in favour of the Lions, with Philipp, Chris and Anton (a real Lion in this match), closing the count at six tries against the two of the Tigers. Even if the result may give the impression of a clear superiority of the Lions, the Tigers fought very hard. As we said, we saw strong tackles from their side and they were a bit unlucky to miss a few opportunities with Giorgio and Quentin.
In their second game, the Lions met the Spielgemeinschaft StuSta/Wurzburg RK. Maybe due to the previous demanding encounter with the Tigers, the Lions started this match very confidently. At kick-off, Timo perfectly caught the ball kicked by the StuSta player and off he ran through the opponents' lines, with little they could do to stop him. This was only the beginning. The Lions contained the attacks of the StuSta/WRK players very effectively, with decisive tackles and strong rucks. We also saw beautiful off-loads which gave the opportunity to almost every one to score a try. Timo, twice more, Fynn, twice, Anton, Darius, Jérémie and Adam, with one each, took the final score to 9 tries for the Lions. Without conceding any to the opponents!
In their second match, the Tigers met the Spielgemeinschaft RC Regensburg/RC Unterföhring/R Nürnberg. The Tigers were very motivated to make up for their first loss and started in a similar way as the Lions against StuSta. Quentin placed two excellent kicks for Connor, who ran behind the lines of the Spielgemeinschaft to collect the ball and run safely to deposit it behind the try line. Giorgio L and Daniel C, both on the wings, showed what they are capable of, if they get a few meters to pick up speed. Once they go, very few people can stop them (Timo is one of them!). So, they scored two tries each, three Connor and one Quentin for a total of eight tries to null. 
After only a few minutes to rest and drink some water, the match plan foresaw another game for the Tigers! Now it was their turn to play against the StuSta/Wurzburg team. If they were thinking that one match after the other would have tired the Tigers and made them an easy prey, well, the StuSta/WRK players realised soon enough that it was not going to be the case. Once again, Giorgio L., twice, Daniel C., Quentin and Connor made it absolutely clear that the Tigers were far from being easily beaten. They played relentlessly, in spite of the fierce defence by the opponents. Orlando was the perfect example of the dedication and commitment. He never feared the contact and was often the first one to be where the action  was. Unfortunately, after a tackle, resulting in a ruck (won by the Tigers), he got injured at one ankle and had to leave the pitch carried by two helpers. At the moment of writing, we do not know how his condition is. Hopefully, the incident will not keep him away for too long. We should also report a yellow card to Connor for a “slightly“ high tackle, just above the chest line. Very correct from the referee.
Last, but not least, the final match of the U14 tournament was the Lions vs. RCReg./RCUnterf./Nürnb. The Lions had the wait for over 45 minutes to play their last game and this must have given them extra motivation. In particular to Timo, who scored six tries, joined by Anton with three and Chris with two. There is not much to be said about this match. The number of tries in relation to the playing time (7 minutes per half-time) could give an idea, though.
In the end, the MRFC teams were first and second whereby, in terms of points for the championship, they count as one. We were also very fortunate with the weather and the tournament had been well organised by Aidan & Co. Not to mention the warm hospitality that we always experience in Nürnberg. Another successful and positively eventful rugby tournament for the U14 MRFC.

Trainer: Pablo Puyalto, Jacob Fafiolu
Gennaro De Lucia, Marco Tarquini
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I (Lions): 
Adam Lauvergne, Timo Bode, Fynn Khiari, Leon Petry, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Philipp Eissner, Anton Eldracher, Christopher Riedmeyr, Darius Bosworth (RFCBR) and Daniel (RFCBR)
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II (Tigers):
Quentin Moughty, Orlando Tarquini, Connor De Lucia, Eliseo Tarquini, Lucas Delord, Daniel Cunney, Giorgio Lombardi, Ben Biess, Yannick (RFCA) Julian (RFCA)

München RFC I - München RFC II: 30:10 (Tries: Anton Eldracher 4x, Philipp Eissner, Christopher Riedmeyr); Connor De Lucia, Daniel Cunney)
München RFC I - SG Stusta Rugby München/Würzburger RK: 30:5 (Tries: Timo Bode 3x, Fynn Khiari, Adam Lauvergne, Anton Eldracher, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Darius Bosworth (RFCBR).
München RFC II - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/ RC Unterföhring: 40:00 (Tries: Connor De Lucia 3x, Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Daniel Cunney 2x, Quentin Moughty)
München RFC II - SG Stusta Rugby München/Würzburger RK: 25:5 (Tries: Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Quentin Moughty, Daniel Cunney, Connor De Lucia)
München RFC I - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg/ RC Unterföhring: 55:0 (Tries: Timo Bode 6x, Anton Eldracher 3x, Chris Riedmeyr 2x)

1. Platz