4. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Nürnberg U10
15. April 2018



Bericht: Jean de Broissia
The team spirit of all the players was very good, and we can feel that our players really enjoy playing together. It is of course linked to our fantastic trainers Zoé and Carly who make the kids having fun by learning Rugby!
Our team won 2 matchs against Gröbenzell (8-5) and Erfurt (5-3), and lost 2 matchs against Regensburg (4-5) and Unterföhring (4-7). With our second place of the tournament, we equalize our best performance of the year in a bavarian tournament. All the players were involved and 8 players among 12 scored tries: Mateo 7x, Hendrik 5x, Joseph 4x, Mario 1x, Blaise 1x, Victor 1x, Jan 1x, Antonin 1x. It is very pleasant to see the kids having fun and showing beautiful rugby, they are making big Progress!

Trainer:  -
Jean de Broissia
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
 Matias Wennier, Paul Leither, Victor Di Barri, Antonin Philippe, Blaise Vermersch, Hendrik Neubacher, Konstantin Dchmidt, Jan Valvoda, Mateo Nieto, Mario Zamola, Joseph de Broissia, Timeo Kerschensteiner.

München RFC - SC Gröbenzell: 40:25
München RFC - Erfurt: 25:15
München RFC - RC Regensburg: 20:25
München RFC - RC Unterföhring: 20:35

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