Rugby Turnier Trento (Italien) U14
5. Mai 2018


Bericht: Gennaro de Lucia
On Saturday the 5th of May, the U14 team of the München RFC travelled to Trento (IT) to join two other teams: the local rugby U14 team and a Dutch team, The Dukes from Hertogenbosch (NL), in a 13-a-side International triangular tournament.
The first match saw Trento playing against The Dukes. It was a balanced match, where both teams put a lot of strength and commitment into their game. The rules applied in Holland for the U14 category are, let's say, different and this reflected their way of playing: tough, hard, somewhat ruthless, at the border of „U14 World Rugby“ standards. This allowed them to take an initial lead. However, after an initial adjustment phase, Trento got back into the game and the match ended up in a draw.
Just the time to rest and gain some strength, that the Trento boys were back on the pitch to face the MRFC Lions. Obviously, the energy put into the match against the Dutch „friends“ took some toll off the Italian team. The Lions started very confidently and after a winning ruck, Anton got the ball and deposited it over the try line. Quentin converted the try and took the score to 7-0 for the guests from Munich! For a while, during the first half, the pattern of the game showed two teams holding up against each other. Attacks turned into defence and vice-versa. Eventually, just before the end, Connor got a beautiful pass on the touch line out of a maul and run through the Trento lines scoring the second try for the Lions! Quentin, did not miss the conversion and the first half closed with the MRFC leading 14-0. A quick briefing by Pablo (trainer) and Gennaro/Marco (managers), water and some substitutions and the second half started. Our hosts from Trento were visibly tired, after 45 minutes of hard rugby game (30 minutes with the Dutch team and 15 with the MRFC). After a few minutes, Timo, who for this tournament was deployed in a different position (fly-half or centre, instead of winger), started to get the flavour of it and, after receiving the ball from a scrum, he swivelled through the lines and scored the third try! This time, in his attempt to convert the try, Quentin got the post. After a few minutes, Trento scored the only try against the MRFC and it was beautifully converted by their kicker. Not long before the end of the match, Timo scored another try and, unfortunately, Quentin this time kicked outside the posts. Final score: Trento 7 - MRFC 24.
In spite of the deceptive score, the match had taken quite some energies from the Lions. We have to remember that, in Bavaria, we are not used to play full-mode matches, i.e., in a triangular tournament, 15 minutes per half-time and on an almost regular pitch (it is just 10 mt narrower, but just as long as an adult-size pitch). As soon as our second match against The Dukes started, the Dutch guys took immediate advantage and scored three tries one after the other, before our Lions could react and put one ball behind their try line, thanks to Timo, again. Quentin did not miss this time and took two points home with the conversion. The first half ended 19-7 for the Dutch Team. During the interval, there was some serious talk from Pablo, Gennaro and Marco. It was clear that the MRFC squad was not fit enough to hold a 60-minute match, however, what really played a major role in the score difference were silly mistakes due to lack of concentration, lack of proper tackling and delivering below expectation by a couple of players. The second half started similarly to the first one and ended up in the same way as the first one: The Dukes scored three tries more and the Lions scored one try with Anton, with corresponding conversion by Quentin. Final score: Dukes 36 – MRFC 14. This second match could have been won, or at least drawn, if … well, let's leave it at that and let's hope that the boys learned from the defeat. After all, with one victory and one loss, we arrived second in the tournament. Still something to be proud of, taking everything into account.
It was a beautiful day, a great tournament and an important experience for our Lions' cubs. Overall, we ended up second and got a nice trophy with a plate to remember the event. This kind of tournaments are essential for the growth of the MRFC boys and we will continue to try.
We would like to thank the organisation of the ASD Rugby Trento. First of all, for having allowed our participation and secondly, for the warm welcome and hospitality we received. We will try to make more of this friendship by mutual and more frequent invitations to participate in full-mode tournaments.
Next weekend, the U14 will be back in Italy again, Rovato (BS), for another International tournament. This time, there will be 20 teams coming from different parts of Italy and Europe. Whatever will be the outcome, we are confident that it will be a wonderful and precious experience for our cubs, in preparation of the U14 German Championship, to be held in Heidelberg on 16-17.06.

Trainer: Pablo Puyalto
Manager: Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Anton Eldracher, Daniel Cunney, Ben Biess, Giorgio Lombardi, Tane Varchmin, Quentin Moughty, Adam Lauvergne, Fynn Khiari, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Orlando Tarquini, Philipp Eißner, Chris Riedmeyr, Connor De Lucia, Eliseo Tarquini, Daragh Doyle, Lucas Delord, Timo Bode.

München RFC - ASD Rugby Trento: 24:7
Tries: Anton Eldracher 1x; Connor De Lucia 1x; Timo Bode 2x
Conversions: Quentin Moughty 2x
München RFC - The Dukes: 14:36
Tries: Timo Bode 1x; Anton Eldracher 1x
Conversions: Quentin Moughty 2x