6. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Ingolstadt U8 und U10
10. Juni 2018



Bericht: On Sunday 10th of June we played the 6th Bavarian Rugby Tournament. The Ingolstadt Baboons invited us and organised the Tournament. Every rugby club is sending U8 players, that is very great. Sometimes a whole team and sometimes just a few players. These loose players will than build together a mixed team. That is great because the more players and teams we have the more matches we can play! MRFC U8 were with 6 players and together with Stusta we formed a team. Our coach of the day was Audrey. Unterföhring had their own team and the third U8-team of the day was a mixted team of Augsburg, Nürnberg and Gröbenzell. The wheater was beautiful and the gras was green and smooth. All ingredients for a wonderful tournament. Our players Olaya, Livia, Arran, Conner, Roland and Cajus faced during the first match Unterföhring. Unfortunatly we lost with 5 against 10 tries. Roland did very well and scored most of the tries, also both Connor and Cajus succesfully put the ball in the try zone. In the second match against the mixed team of Augsburg, Nürnberg and Gröbenzell we could take Revanche and scored 10 pionts against 9. Here were Connor and Arran very productive in making tries. Olaya is a new U8-player, she showed a big effort in tackling and scored also a few tries. Afterwarts we mixed up every team and played a few friendly matches.

Trainer:  Audrey Collin
Rica Hiemstra
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Livia, Olaya, Arran, Connor, Roland and Cajus.

SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München : RC Unterföhring:  25:50
SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München : SG RFCA/SCG/TSV1846N: 50:45

2. Platz


Bericht: Nicolas Vermersch
We played 4 games, won 3 of them and made one draw.. we are really proud to have won this tournament with a great team and the support of a lot of parents who were present today

Trainer:  Joshua Kritzer
Nicolas Vermersch
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Konstantin Schmidt, Philipp Kloos, Victor di Bari, Axel Meyer, Hendrik Neubacher, Blaise Vermersch, Timeo Kerschensteiner, Matias Wennier, Leo Arons, Till Zimmer, Mario Zamola, Matteo Nieto Déliz, Antonin Philippe, Thomas di Pasquale.

München RFC - RC Unterföhring: 35:15 (Tries: Till 2x, Antonin, Victor, Heinrik 2x, Matias)
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 15:15 (Tries: Till, Mateo 2x)
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 60:5 (Tries: Till 3x, Mario 3x, Victor, Blaise, Mateo, Heinrik, Matias 2x)
München RFC - SG RFC Augsburg/SC Gröbenzell/Stusta Rugby M: 40:10 (Tries: Victor, Till 2x, Antonin, Mario, Mateo 2x Tino)

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