6. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Ingolstadt U14 und U16
10. Juni 2018



Bericht:  Gennaro De Lucia
For the 6th Bavarian tournament of the season 2017/18 the U14 MRFC did not quite manage to put together two teams. This was mostly to various injuries and illnesses. It was not too bad either, as it brought also an advantage: with one week to go to the U14 German Championship in Heidleberg, we did not want to take any unnecessary risk. With some teams being absent, too, we played only two matches valid for the Bavarian tournament and a third one ten-a-side, against a selection from the other teams. In the first game, the MRFC met our friends from StuSta and Unterföhring. During the first half, the match was pretty
balanced and it ended 17 to 7 for the Lion's cubs. Timo scored twice and Daniel once. Tane converted one try. The second half took immediately a different direction and the MRFC boys, again twice Timo and once Orlando with a conversion by Tane, created immediately a bigger gap between them and the opponents from StuSta, who managed to score only one try, without conversion. Final score: MRFC 34 – StuSta 12.
Second match, similar pattern. This time the young Lions played against a mixed team from Innsbruck, Regensburg and Augsburg. They immediately started with a try, again by Timo, which Tane easily converted. After the first match, he started to get the hang of the drop kick! Apart from a number of good rucks, due to the opponents strong Motivation to stop our boys, we did not see the MRFC consistently applying good techniques and/or to try out what they learn during the training sessions. Nevertheless, they managed to score other four tries, three of which were converted by Tane. He scored a try, too, but unfortunately he also injured himself and we preferred to keep him out to save him for next week's Championship. End result: Spielgemeinschaft (Innsbr./Augs./Regens.) 5 – MRFC 33.
As the official part of the tournament was quickly over, together with their respective trainers/managers, we organised a „match for fun“, with ten players each side. This was our last chances to apply what we learned in terms of tackling, communication, spreading over the whole width of the pitch and passing more the ball. We saw some very nice actions, where the MRFC players supported each other or made beautiful offloads. However, during most part of the game, the Lion's cubs chose to make more use of their individual strength and kept scoring tries (seven and only two conversions by Daniel). Final result: MRFC 39 – Spielgemeinschaft 0. In the end, the MRFC team was first in the category and we spent a great day out. We all had great fun in the fresh air, under a scorching sun. We were also very pleased with our hosts for their warm hospitality and efficient organisation. Another successful and positively eventful rugby tournament for the U14 MRFC.
Every try is a team try!

Trainer:  Pablo Puyalto
Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Timo Bode, Fynn Khiari, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Philipp Eissner, Christopher Riedmeyr, Orlando Tarquini, Connor De Lucia, Eliseo Tarquini, Daniel Cunney, Ben Biess, Daragh Doyle, Tane Varchmin

München RFC – SG StuSta/RCU: 34:12 (Tries: Timo Bode 4x, Daniel Cunney, Conversions: Tane Varchmin 2x)
München RFC – SG Innsbruck/Regensburg/Augsburg: 33:05 (Tries: Timo Bode, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Connor De Lucia, Daniel Cunney, Tane Varchmin, Conversions: Tane Varchmin 4x)
Fun game:
München RFC – SG StuSta/Innsbruck/Augsburg: 39:00 (Tries: Connor De Lucia, Orlando Tarquini 2x, Philipp Eissner, Fynn Khiari, Timo Bode 2x, Conversion: Daniel Cunney 2x)

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Bericht: John Pritchard
The U16 tournament consisted of just three teams, Wurzberg, Studentenstadt and MRFC. Despite their valiant efforts, especially on defence, and a lightning quick try from the kick-off in the first game, MRFC lost both games; 42-5 to Wurzburg and 28-5 to Studentenstadt. Lessons were learnt, and experience gained, especially by the newer players, who only started playing during the current season. In particular, the defence against Studentenstadt was much improved compared to the first game, and the constant pressure exerted forced many errors from Studentenstadt, and the team were rewarded for their never-say-die efforts right up till the final whistle with a try in the last Action.

Trainer:  John Pritchard
John Pritchard
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Luca Banerjea, Patrick Everding, Erik Oostendorp, Kilian Ott, David Pritchard, Maximilian Sponsel.

München RFC - Würzburger RK  5:42
München RFC - Stusta Rugby München  5:28

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