U14 Internationales Turnier

Heidelberg, 22. und 23. September 2018


Spielbericht: Gennaro De Lucia
This was the first edition of the International "Heidelberg-Try" tournament, organised by the SC Neuenheim and co-hosted by the TSV Handschusheim. It was open to U12 and U14 age categories and the MRFC participated with the U14 team. In total there were 10 teams in our category, who played in two phase groups. In addition to the hosts (Handschusheim with two teams) and the MRFC, the other German clubs were SC Frankfurt, a joint venture between TS Heidelberg and Stuttgart RC, Berliner RC and the RG Heidelberg. From abroad, Slavia Prah (Prague, Czech Republic) and Stade Français (Paris, France) gave the international touch to the tournament.
uring the group phase, the München RFC played against SC Neuenheim, TSV Handschusheim II, Slavia Prah and SC Frankfurt. The first match against the home and organising team SC Neuenheim was an important test for our Lion's cubs. We were all excited to see how they would respond to the challenge. During the first half the MRFC played as a compact and resolute group and we spent most of the time on the opponents' side of the pitch. The MRFC fenced off the attacks effectively and won most of the line-outs. With the scrums, they struggled a bit, partly due to new players in the pack, but also because of lack of specific basic skills' training for the whole forwards pack. The first half ended on a 0:0 score. After a short break, the second half started and the hosts did not wait too long to show their resolution to win the match. Half a way through the period, they scored a try, thanks to a ball won in a ruck a passed on very effectively through the backs, eventually reaching the  winger, who scored. A few minutes were left to the end of the match and our cubs were intending to give up so easily. Following a won line out, the ball reached Connor, who started running through the opponents' lines, avoiding the attempts to tackle him. Once passed the last man, he ran safely and deposited the ball between the posts! We were even now. Even less time was left after the restart and we did not expect Giorgio L., receiving the ball in our 22s and starting one of his powerful runs across the pitch. Once he reaches his cruising speed, very few players can match him and that how we scored the second try! As soon as the referee confirmed the score, he also whistled the end of the game. And that was our first victory, in the opening match!
We had to wait until 14.30 before we could meet our second opponents in the group: Slavia Prah. We had already seen them playing and they made the impression to be a strong team. Playing against them, confirmed the impression. They had a better positioning on the field and stronger scrum. Their players were very skilled and had an easy game when it came to line outs, scrums and rucks. Slavia Prah also made a better use of the space they created. The backs were quickly positioned and once in possession of the ball, they could run along the lines and score tries. That was the case for three times, before our MRFC players could score one try with Giorgio L. So this time, we had to accept a loss, but we learned more about our weaknesses.
Half an hour later we had the last match of the day, against the team of TS Handschusheim II. They proved to be less strong than the teams we had met so far and the level of our players allowed us to have a relatively relaxed game. The MRFC Lions scored seven times with Philipp 2x, Giorgio L. 2x, Quentin, Leonardo and Connor. With two victories and one loss, we were all very happy with the results of the day.
Sunday started very early, 08h30. Our first game was the last of the group stage and it was against SC Frankfurt. We were psychologically prepared, however, the hope is always last to fade....well, the prognostication was confirmed and our boys and girl could do very little against the, without doubt, the actual best playing U14 team in Germany. Sometime, we think it is too much to see that at U14 level, a team is so extremely well organised, positioned and effective in their handling and actions during the match....but so it is and, in spite of a good game played by our cubs, the final score was 35:00 for Frankfurt. We did not only loose the match, but also Connor due to a knee injury.
We entered the placement rounds. As third in our group, we had play against the fourth team in the other group, a Spielgemeinschaft between Heidelberg TV and Stuttgart RC. Having lost against Frankfurt gave our team an extra boost and they started the match very confidently and spent most of the first half in the opponent side of the pitch, scoring soon one try with Giorgio L. Unfortunately, Quentin did not place the ball between the posts when trying to convert. Just before the end of the first half, Bruno scored another try, after he fought through tackles and opponents trying to stop him. Once again, Quentin missed the conversion. In the second half, we scored another try with Philipp and this time Quentin converted it bringing the final score to 17:00 for the MRFC.
We reached our final game of the tournament and we were playing for the 5th position. Once again, we met our hosts of the SC Neuenheim. This time, they were much more determined to make the most of their home advantage. We had also suffered some injuries and our cubs were starting to show fatigue. I would even go as far as saying, poor condition. As you could imagine, given the circumstances, the hosts took immediately the upper hand and scored quickly two tries, with corresponding conversions. We had little chances in the scrums, rucks and line outs. With no, or very little tackling, it was easy for our opponents to pass our lines, either by passing the ball or to "force" themselves through our lines. The second half saw the SC Neuenheim scoring and converting another two tries. Final score 28:00 for the hosts, 6th place in the tournament for the MRFC.
This conclusion is just to put the end result into perspective. This was the first tournament of the season 2018/19 for the newly constituted U14-MRFC team. In fact, most of the players have already been playing together in the past and found each other again, after one year break. As every newly constituted team, the group dynamic changes and group members have to reposition themselves. In particular at this age, one year can make a major difference in behaviour, knowledge and understanding of the game of rugby and last, but not least, in match experience in a 13-a-side game, on a full size pitch (almost). Integration in and interaction as a team will have to be one of the theme at the beginning of the season, at the same time of bringing most of the players to a similar skills Level.

Trainer / Manager: Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Eudes Vermersch, Leonardo Tomasi, Bruno Zamola, Eliseo Tarquini, Orlando Tarquini, Quentin Moughty, Ben Biess, Philipp Eißner, Giorgio Lombardi, Daragh Doyle, Timoté Dupuis, Luis Werner, Antoine Ott, Connor De Lucia, Giorgio Delli Colli, Mathis Closs, Christian Pearce, Lourdes Wennier.

München RFC - SC Neuenheim: 10:5 (Versuche: Connor De Lucia, Giorgio Lombardi)
München RFC - Slavia Prag: 5:15 (Versuche: Giorgio Lombardi)
München RFC - TSV Handschuhsheim II: 0:35 (Versuche: Philipp Eißner, Giorgio Lombardi, Quentin Moughty, Leonardo Tomasi, Connor De Lucia)
München RFC - SC 1880 Frankfurt: 0:35
München RFC - SC Neuenheim: 50:28