Deutsche Meisterschaften U12
Frankfurt, 9.06. und 10.06.2018


Bericht: Fernando Zamola
The young U12 Lions started their journey to the DM in Frankfurt on Friday afternoon. With great hopes but also with the awareness that we were travelling with only 13 players, we faced our journey in a quiet and confident mood. The arrival the day before the tournament started allowed for a relaxed pace that enabled us to be fully ready when we reached the premises of the SC Frankfurt 1880 on Saturday morning. In a perfectly organized tournament, we were given a prime location for our tent and the preparations for the games began.
In our first game, we faced the RG Heidelberg. After an initial phase of adaptation to calm the inevitable nerves, our boys settled into their rugby plan. In defense, solid tackling in the narrow channels and effective predatory interventions enabled us to get plenty of ball. In attack, good protective rucking and effective set pieces were the perfect platform from which to release our pace in the backs. By half time our team was in control of the game which resulted in a comfortable victory by 45 points to 15.
Our second game, under torrid high temperature conditions, was against the TB Neckarhausen, winners of the SAS Tournaments 2017/18 in Baden-Württemberg. From the moment we saw our opponents, we knew that we would face a massive physical challenge against a team which was significantly bigger in size. But it is precisely in these situations where the hard work of a whole year of training paid off. Not only were we a match in contact and at the break-down but also in cutting though their defense lines. Our boys displayed an outstanding repertoire of attacking options: short off-loading passes, great combinations out wide and clever tactical kicking resulted in a 55-5 victory which ensured our place in the quarter finals. This was without doubt some of the best rugby we have shown this year with a very high level of execution.
Very tired and exhausted by the weather conditions, we faced our third and last game of the day. A depleted USV Potsdam team could only field 8 players and we agreed to play the game under this format. This also allowed our coaches to try to rest some players and rotate the team to give vital game time to our less experienced players. Needless to say, in true Lion spirit everyone showed up to confirm our first place in the group with a 35-25 victory. With a quiet sense of satisfaction provided by a job well done, we headed back to the hotel to tank up some energy and get some Sleep.
On Sunday morning we were up an old rival of ours, the Berliner RC of our famous drawn game in the 3rd place play-off of the DM in 2017. From the beginning of the game, it was clear that we were against a different type of challenge. Even though our boys fought for every ball and never gave up trying, we were not at the same level of execution as on Saturday and we were facing a very organized defense and a team with plenty of effective attacking options. We were fairly beaten 5-20 but we could be proud of our effort, knowing we left every bit of energy we had on the pitch.
The emotional and physical exertion of this game had also repercussions for our next game against the RC Aachen. In a game that went down to wire, we paid the price of a break-down in team work and communication. Although, as usual, our fighting spirit was intact, we lacked the coordination and the cool head on the pitch that the game of rugby requires. Our coaches did their best to return our boys to our game plan but could not reverse the 10 point difference we carried into half-time. We won the second half 10-5 but that was not enough to prevent a defeat by 10-15.
With the tournament drawing to a close, we were expected to play our last game against the TB Neckarhausen, which we had comprehensively beaten in the group phase. Having sustained several injuries during the tournament, our opponents decided not to play, effectively granting us a victory of 50-0 and securing our placing in the tournament as 7th of 17 participating teams.
This was a great achievement by our boys and trainers which, with a comparatively small squad, confirmed the standing of the MRFC in the German youth rugby hierarchy by obtaining a top 8 finish in a U12 DM for a third year in a row. By now, there is no team in Germany who would be happy to have us in their group in the coming tournaments.
A big thank you to our Manager Martin for a flawless organization, to our coaches David and Robin who were exceptional in guiding our boys and to all parents who joined us in this journey and provided invaluable support.
Beyond the sporting performance, rugby provides an experience which has repercussions for life in general. This week-end was not only a great physical challenge but also a roller-coaster of emotions. This combination results in lessons that go well beyond the pitch about commitment, team work and the sacrifice that is required when facing adversity. The human side is what makes our sport special and the great memories of this week-end will stay with all of us for many years to come.

Trainer: David Clegg, Robin Compeyron, James Stockwin
Fernando Zamola
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Mathis Closs, Giorgio Delli Colli, Felix Deutschenbaur, Giorgio Delli Colli, Timote Dupuis, Loic Miller, Christian Pearce, Benedek Scheuss-Somorai, Johann Schmidt, Leonardo Tomasi, Louis Viallard, Luis Weber, Daniel Whitehead, Bruno Zamola 

Ergebnisse Gruppenspiele:
München RFC - RG Heidelberg: 45:15 (Tries: Louis Viallard 5x, Leo Tomasi 2x, Christian Pearce, Bruno Zamola)
München RFC - TB Neckarshausen: 55:5 (Tries: Louis Viallard 6x, Bruno Zamola 3x, Christian Pearce, Leo Tomasi)
München RFC - USV Potsdam: 35:25 (Tries: Giorgio Delli Colli 2x, Leo Tomasi 2x, Louis Viallard 2x, Bruno Zamola)
München RFC - Berliner RC : 5:20 (Try: Louis Viallard)
Spiele um Platz 5 bis 8:
München RFC - RC Aachen: 10:15 (Timote Dupuis, Leo Tomasi)
Spiele um Platz 7:
München RFC - TB Neckarshausen: 50:0
Die U12 des München RFC belegte somit den 7.Platz von 17 Mannschaften.
Wir gratulieren den neuen Deutschen Meister SC Frankfurt 1880.

6. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Ingolstadt U8 und U10
10. Juni 2018



Bericht: On Sunday 10th of June we played the 6th Bavarian Rugby Tournament. The Ingolstadt Baboons invited us and organised the Tournament. Every rugby club is sending U8 players, that is very great. Sometimes a whole team and sometimes just a few players. These loose players will than build together a mixed team. That is great because the more players and teams we have the more matches we can play! MRFC U8 were with 6 players and together with Stusta we formed a team. Our coach of the day was Audrey. Unterföhring had their own team and the third U8-team of the day was a mixted team of Augsburg, Nürnberg and Gröbenzell. The wheater was beautiful and the gras was green and smooth. All ingredients for a wonderful tournament. Our players Olaya, Livia, Arran, Conner, Roland and Cajus faced during the first match Unterföhring. Unfortunatly we lost with 5 against 10 tries. Roland did very well and scored most of the tries, also both Connor and Cajus succesfully put the ball in the try zone. In the second match against the mixed team of Augsburg, Nürnberg and Gröbenzell we could take Revanche and scored 10 pionts against 9. Here were Connor and Arran very productive in making tries. Olaya is a new U8-player, she showed a big effort in tackling and scored also a few tries. Afterwarts we mixed up every team and played a few friendly matches.

Trainer:  Audrey Collin
Rica Hiemstra
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Livia, Olaya, Arran, Connor, Roland and Cajus.

SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München : RC Unterföhring:  25:50
SG München RFC/Stusta Rugby München : SG RFCA/SCG/TSV1846N: 50:45

2. Platz


Bericht: Nicolas Vermersch
We played 4 games, won 3 of them and made one draw.. we are really proud to have won this tournament with a great team and the support of a lot of parents who were present today

Trainer:  Joshua Kritzer
Nicolas Vermersch
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Konstantin Schmidt, Philipp Kloos, Victor di Bari, Axel Meyer, Hendrik Neubacher, Blaise Vermersch, Timeo Kerschensteiner, Matias Wennier, Leo Arons, Till Zimmer, Mario Zamola, Matteo Nieto Déliz, Antonin Philippe, Thomas di Pasquale.

München RFC - RC Unterföhring: 35:15 (Tries: Till 2x, Antonin, Victor, Heinrik 2x, Matias)
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 15:15 (Tries: Till, Mateo 2x)
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 60:5 (Tries: Till 3x, Mario 3x, Victor, Blaise, Mateo, Heinrik, Matias 2x)
München RFC - SG RFC Augsburg/SC Gröbenzell/Stusta Rugby M: 40:10 (Tries: Victor, Till 2x, Antonin, Mario, Mateo 2x Tino)

1. Platz

6. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Ingolstadt U14 und U16
10. Juni 2018



Bericht:  Gennaro De Lucia
For the 6th Bavarian tournament of the season 2017/18 the U14 MRFC did not quite manage to put together two teams. This was mostly to various injuries and illnesses. It was not too bad either, as it brought also an advantage: with one week to go to the U14 German Championship in Heidleberg, we did not want to take any unnecessary risk. With some teams being absent, too, we played only two matches valid for the Bavarian tournament and a third one ten-a-side, against a selection from the other teams. In the first game, the MRFC met our friends from StuSta and Unterföhring. During the first half, the match was pretty
balanced and it ended 17 to 7 for the Lion's cubs. Timo scored twice and Daniel once. Tane converted one try. The second half took immediately a different direction and the MRFC boys, again twice Timo and once Orlando with a conversion by Tane, created immediately a bigger gap between them and the opponents from StuSta, who managed to score only one try, without conversion. Final score: MRFC 34 – StuSta 12.
Second match, similar pattern. This time the young Lions played against a mixed team from Innsbruck, Regensburg and Augsburg. They immediately started with a try, again by Timo, which Tane easily converted. After the first match, he started to get the hang of the drop kick! Apart from a number of good rucks, due to the opponents strong Motivation to stop our boys, we did not see the MRFC consistently applying good techniques and/or to try out what they learn during the training sessions. Nevertheless, they managed to score other four tries, three of which were converted by Tane. He scored a try, too, but unfortunately he also injured himself and we preferred to keep him out to save him for next week's Championship. End result: Spielgemeinschaft (Innsbr./Augs./Regens.) 5 – MRFC 33.
As the official part of the tournament was quickly over, together with their respective trainers/managers, we organised a „match for fun“, with ten players each side. This was our last chances to apply what we learned in terms of tackling, communication, spreading over the whole width of the pitch and passing more the ball. We saw some very nice actions, where the MRFC players supported each other or made beautiful offloads. However, during most part of the game, the Lion's cubs chose to make more use of their individual strength and kept scoring tries (seven and only two conversions by Daniel). Final result: MRFC 39 – Spielgemeinschaft 0. In the end, the MRFC team was first in the category and we spent a great day out. We all had great fun in the fresh air, under a scorching sun. We were also very pleased with our hosts for their warm hospitality and efficient organisation. Another successful and positively eventful rugby tournament for the U14 MRFC.
Every try is a team try!

Trainer:  Pablo Puyalto
Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Timo Bode, Fynn Khiari, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Philipp Eissner, Christopher Riedmeyr, Orlando Tarquini, Connor De Lucia, Eliseo Tarquini, Daniel Cunney, Ben Biess, Daragh Doyle, Tane Varchmin

München RFC – SG StuSta/RCU: 34:12 (Tries: Timo Bode 4x, Daniel Cunney, Conversions: Tane Varchmin 2x)
München RFC – SG Innsbruck/Regensburg/Augsburg: 33:05 (Tries: Timo Bode, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Connor De Lucia, Daniel Cunney, Tane Varchmin, Conversions: Tane Varchmin 4x)
Fun game:
München RFC – SG StuSta/Innsbruck/Augsburg: 39:00 (Tries: Connor De Lucia, Orlando Tarquini 2x, Philipp Eissner, Fynn Khiari, Timo Bode 2x, Conversion: Daniel Cunney 2x)

1. Platz


Bericht: John Pritchard
The U16 tournament consisted of just three teams, Wurzberg, Studentenstadt and MRFC. Despite their valiant efforts, especially on defence, and a lightning quick try from the kick-off in the first game, MRFC lost both games; 42-5 to Wurzburg and 28-5 to Studentenstadt. Lessons were learnt, and experience gained, especially by the newer players, who only started playing during the current season. In particular, the defence against Studentenstadt was much improved compared to the first game, and the constant pressure exerted forced many errors from Studentenstadt, and the team were rewarded for their never-say-die efforts right up till the final whistle with a try in the last Action.

Trainer:  John Pritchard
John Pritchard
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Luca Banerjea, Patrick Everding, Erik Oostendorp, Kilian Ott, David Pritchard, Maximilian Sponsel.

München RFC - Würzburger RK  5:42
München RFC - Stusta Rugby München  5:28

3. Platz

Freundschaftsspiel U14
Unterföhring 3. Juni 2018


München RFC : SG RC Unterföhring/Stusta Rugby München/RFC Bad Reichenhall/ RC Innsbruck
84 : 15

Trainer: Pablo Puyalto
Manager: Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Anton Eldracher,  Philipp Eissner, Daragh Doyle, Giorgio Lombardi,  Orlando Tarquini, Eliseo Tarquini, Adam Lauvergne, Connor De Lucia, Daniel Cunney, Fynn Khiari, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Lucas Delord.

Rugby Turnier Citta di Rovato (Italien) U14
12. und 13. Mai 2018


Bericht: Gennaro de Lucia
A week after the triangular tournament in Trento, see earlier report, we were heading back to Italy again! This time to Rovato (BS), a bit further and for the whole weekend. We left early Saturday morning with the usual transportation means: 2 vans and a couple of private cars, driven by parents. Some of them took advantage of the bridging day and made a long weekend out of the trip.
We arrived after approx. 5+ hours. Waiting for us, in addition to the families already on location, there were hundreds of boys and girls of all age categories, coming from many Italian regions and accompanied by the respective families. To give the tournament an international taste, together with the U14 of the München RFC, there was also a large representation of the Brno Rugby Club (CZ). To give an idea of the size of the tournament, 20 teams in the U14 age group, alone, had signed up! The boys had also a nice surprise: Giacomo, who now lives a few kilometres away, between Rovato and Milan, spent the Saturday with us.
With a slight delay, due to the referees, the qualification rounds started at around 15h00. We were in the group A with other 4 Italian teams, Parabiago, Florentia, Saints and Rovato 2. The first match the MRFC played was against Parabiago. They showed immediately their superiority, which was definitely not only due to the size of their players. The Italian team was much more disciplined, technically more experienced, tackling without failing and more concentrated. Their attacks were well organised and their defence very strong. In spite of some good attempts to score a and some good game phases from our young Lion, the final result was Parabiago 19, MRFC 0. We should not be too disappointed, if we consider that Parabiago ended up third in the overall U14 ranking.
Approximately 25 minutes later, the MRFC got back on the pitch to play against Florentia. We saw a similar game as in the first one. Our U14 boys seemed unable to break the lines of the more experienced opponents. Also the physical conditions of some of our players started to show some defection, the tackling was scarce and the Florentia managed to put the ball three times behind our line. With no conversion realised, the end score was Florentia 15, MRFC 0.
Some signs of despair and resignation started to appear on the boys’ faces, including trainer, managers and accompanying adults. But rugby is also about not giving up, so we went into the third match with the intention to do better. Our opponents were the Saints, a rugby team from Milan surroundings. These opponents were closer to our level and, in spite of being the third match of the qualification round, the MRFC Lion’s cubs started the game with a bit more assertiveness. The rucks were more powerful and we won a few of them. They passed the ball more securely and, consequently, we advanced better and the backs' line was more active. We scored an early try with Timo, which Basile did not convert. Later on in the game, he made up for it by scoring another try, himself. Though, again with no conversion. Towards the end of the match, the Saints scored one try, bringing the final score to Saints 5, MRFC 10.
We were now at the last match of the day. After the previous victory, the team was in a better mood and had gained some self-confidence back. Our opponents, the second U14 team from Rovato rugby, started strongly, but our Lions resisted well and countered even better. So well, that at around half playing time, after winning a ruck at midfield, the ball came out and was passed on to the backs, it got to Timo, who in his usual style cut through Rovato2 lines and deposited the ball right between the posts. This time, Tane went for the conversion and succeeded. Rovato2 was not going to stand and do nothing, after all they were playing at home and did not want to make it too easy for us. So, few minutes later, they managed to score a try, but no conversion. Stand, at 5 minutes to the end, 7-5 for the MRFC. At that moment, something happened. A few key players were substituted and Rovato2 found it easier to play, with less overall opposition to play against. Two minutes to the end of the match, after having gained the ball due to a missed pass by our back line, Rovato2 advanced to our 5-metre line and was stopped to touche at the very last moment. The MRFC lost the line-out and Rovato2 could easily pass our defences and score their second try. Even without conversion, Rovato2 was now leading 10 to 7! With no time left, our boys did not manage to catch up and we experienced the third loss of the day. We ended up the qualification rounds as worst 4th team of all groups and the Sunday we had to compete for the 16th - 20th place.
After a (short, for some) night spent on the Garda lake shores, we arrived at approx. 10.00h at the ground, in Gussago, another location a few kilometres away from Rovato. We found out that we would have had to play only three matches, because one team would be absent. Our first match was scheduled for 10.30, against Villorba. It turned out to be a very balanced match. The Lions were determined to give their best for the day. Villorba proved to be a strong opponent and after a strenuous 20-minute game with alternating chances, good attacks and effective defences, the final score was MRFC 5, Villorba 5. No conversions from both sides. For the Lions, Timo scored and Tane missed the conversion.
Twenty-five minutes pause and the next match for our team was on. We met once again the Saints, who ended 5th othen previous day in our group. The Lion's cubs were intentioned to bring home some victories, today. After a convincing start in the game, the tries arrived. A beautiful pass from a scrum reached Connor, who run forwards and before being tackled at the opponent’s 5-metre line, he offloaded the ball to Adam who could finish off the action uncontested, depositing the ball behind the try line, between the posts. Tane easily converted. This was just the prelude to the end result: MRFC 26, Saints 0. The other three tries were scored by Connor, Fynn and Timo. Two of them were converted by Tane and Adam.
Another 30 minutes waiting and we were up for our last match of the tournament, against Valcamonica. The boys were now on a roll and, in spite of “undisciplined” role positioning by some of the Lions and clear signs of tiredness for the short night sleep (by some others!), the whole team paid much more attention to the game. Rucks, scrums, supporting each other and passing well were much more consistent. Also the tackling became more effective. Timo, Daniel and Orlando scored three beautiful tries, two of them were brilliantly converted by Basile, who found his “kick” again! Final score, Valcamonica 0, MRFC 19.
At the end, all the teams gathered in Rovato for the closing ceremony. It was amazing to see thousand(s) of rugby enthusiasts in such a relatively small place.
Overall, we ended 16th, together with Villorba. I do not think to be wrong if I say that it was a beautiful experience for the MRFC Lion's cubs. It has given them the opportunity to realise how rugby can (should) be played. It was also a reality check with respect to the 7s tournaments in Bavaria. There is a lot to improve before the German championship, in about 4-week time. The trainers, managers and the players themselves have been made much aware of the gap to fill. The weeks to come will have to be used to make, at least, something of that gap up. Tackling, supporting each other, assertiveness and tactics will have to be addressed. It is of vital importance that the MRFC continues to invest in this experiences for its “cubs”, if it wants to set up the foundations for future in-house bred rugby champions.
A big thank to the U14 boys, Pablo, Marco, Martin, Aidan, Silvia, Rita and Phillip (Biess) for their support and help during the whole weekend. 

Trainer: Pablo Puyalto
Manager: Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Leon Petry, Anton Eldracher, Chris Riedmeyr, Philipp Eissner, Ben Biess, Daragh Doyle, Giorgio Lombardi, Basile de Froissard de Broissia, Eudes Vermersch, Tane Varchmin, Orlando Tarquini, Eliseo Tarquini, Adam Lauvergne, Connor De Lucia, Timo Bode, Daniel Cunney, Fynn Khiari, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Lucas Delord, Darius Bosworth (RFC Bad Reichenhall).

München RFC - Parabiago: 0:19
München RFC - Florentina: 0:15
München RFC - Saints: 10:5 (Tries: Timo Bode, Basile de Broissia) 
München RFC - Rovato II: 10:7 (Try: Timo Bode, Conversion: Tane Varchmin)
München RFC - Villorba: 5:5 (Tries: Timo Bode)
München RFC - Saints: 26:0 (Tries: Adam Lauvergne, Connor De Lucia, Fynn Khiari, Timo Bode; Conversions: Adam Lauvergne, Tane Varchmin 2x)
München RFC - Valcamonica: 19:0 (Tries: Timo Bode, Daniel Cunney, Orlando Tarquini; Conversions: Basile de Broissia 2x)