Deutsche Meisterschaften U14
Berlin, 11.06. und 12.06.2016

Teilnehmende Mannschaften:
SG MRFC/Stusta, RG Heidelberg, RK 03 Berlin, SC 1880 Frankfurt, SC Neuenheim, Berliner RC, TSV Handschuhsheim, Victoria Linden, SG Oberhavel, Berliner SV 92, SV Odin Hannover, FC St. Pauli

Bericht: Ged Owens
Alan Moughty, Simon Jung
Ged Owens, Ian Dawson, John Pritchard, Konstantin Fiedler, Maximilian Haas
Mannschaftsaufstellung SG MRFC/Stusta: David Dvali, Nicolas Bassani, Vitale Luca, Friedrich Adrian, Yannick Simmermacher, Lucas Bauer, Cilian Moughty, David Pritchard, Hadrien Reynaud, Jonathan Ross, Konstantin Fiedler, Moritz Braumandel, Alan Toffolo, Oscar Brossia, Aron Wijnbergen, Luis Mettenleiter, Chris Dutoit, Tom McCutchan

München RFC combined with München StuSta to produce a “Spielgemeinschaft” for the 2016 U14 Deutsche Meisterschaft, the first time a Bavarian team has ever competed at this level. This was an important milestone as U14 represents the transition from youth to adult rugby, with an (almost) full-size pitch, real scrums, lineouts and kicking.  12 teams came from Berlin (4), Hannover (2), Heidelberg (3), Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. The MRFC/StuSta Spielgemeinschaft proudly presented Bavarian youth rugby at this tournament, with 10 and 9 players respectively in the squad.  Despite losing the first game 54-0 to a skillful and experienced Victoria Linden (Hannover), they only narrowly missed the quarter finals by losing 10:7 to SG Oberhavel (Berlin), having spent the last 5 minutes only metres from the SG Oberhavel try line.
Battling on, they lost a good and entertaining game 30-12 to Berlin SV92, again a team with a home advantage.  Both sides showed competent skills and tactics, and our 2 tries only partially represented the Munich efforts and ability, making the best of the width of the pitch, and rucking well with many turnovers. The ever-increasing confidence and teamwork finally came to show in the final 10:7 win against St. Pauli (Hamburg), which delighted everyone. This was a fine finish to the weekend. Of the 12 teams participating, 6 were clearly of a higher standard, benefiting from long tradition, and regularly playing other local teams. However, Munich competed well in 3 GOOD games, playing sometimes better, sometimes worse, triumphantly winning the last game which put everyone in a really good mood to finish.  Munich was truly competitive in the lower 6 teams at the Deutsche Meisterschaft, we have made our Munich mark, we are competitive, and we belong there. Thank you very much to John, Alan, Simon, Max, and Konstantin (who administratively managed most of the trip), Ian and all the others who supported this effort, in training, preparation, participation and throughout.
We can never do justice to the efforts of the players, but just a few comments to each:
•    David Dvali (Prop): Huge efforts, strong running and leading the charge throughout
•    Nicolas Bassani (Hooker): Skillful performance at a key position
•    Vitale, Luca (Prop): Solid, strong, good forward attacking
•    Friedrich, Adrian (2nd row): Leading the forwards attack, encouraging others at all times and a great try
•    Yannick Simmermacher (2nd row): again a strong performance, looking for gaps and space, great running try  
•    Lucas Bauer (Nr 8): Very strong running and tackling, great try
•    Cilian Moughty (Scrum half): One cheeky try, two conversions and a great performance at a key position
•    David Pritchard (Fly half): 100% at all times and great tactical kicking
•    Jamie Owens (Fly half): great tactical and solid team play
•    Hadrien Reynaud (Wing): running like the wind and always made ground
•    Jonathan Ross (Centre): great tackling, great team back
•    Konstantin Fiedler (Centre): showing the way forward, superb tackles
•    Moritz Braumandel (Wing): Great running and a solid performance
•    Alan Toffolo (Centre): Great running, and some good tactical moves
•    Oscar Brossia (Full back): Great all-round performance and a good try from a full-back kick
•    Aron Wijnbergen (2nd Row):  Solid forwards work, great lineout performance
•    Luis Mettenleiter (2nd Row and centre): great as a forward and as a back runner
•    Chris Dutoit (Scrum half): Nippy, skillful, resourceful
•    Tom McCutchan (Wing): Another great runner and a great effort

Our respect goes to you all for your efforts, commitment and courage, and not least delivering fine rugby under stressful conditions and a long way from home. We trust it was also a great and enjoyable experience for you.
Well done !

SG MRFC/Stusta vs. Victoria Linden  0:57
SG MRFC/Stusta vs. SG Oberhavel  7:10
SG MRFC/Stusta vs. Berlner SV 92  12:32
SG MRFC/Stusta vs. FC St. Pauli  10:7

Endstand: SC Frankfurt 1880, SC Neuenheim, Victoria Linden, Berliner RC, RG Heidelberg, TSV Handschuhsheim, RK 03 Berlin, SG Oberhavel, Berliner SV92, SV Odin Hannover, SG MRFC/Stusta, FC St. Pauli

Deutsche Meisterschaft U12
München, Großhadern, 04.06. und 05.06.2016

Teilnehmende Mannschaften:

München RFC, IS Düsseldorf, Hannover 78, RG Heidelberg, VfR Döhren, ETV Koalas, RK 03 Berlin, Heidelberg RK, SC 1880 Frankfurt, SC Neuenheim, Berliner RC, TSV Handschuhsheim, RK Heusenstamm

Bericht: Alessandro Cossu
Giacomo Bernobi (vertreten durch Alan Moughty); Antoine Miguet
Alessandro Cossu
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC: Riccardo Cossu (Capt.), Quentin Moughty, Daniel Cunney, Lucas Delord, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Adam Lauvergne, Basile de Broissia, Esther Pearce, Erwan Bauer, Leander Ross, Théo Lelarge, Eudes Vermersch, Raphaël Millou, Connor De Lucia, Théophane Jansonnie.

Fotos: hier  weiter Fotos von Heiko Trumit hier

For the first time in its history, the MRFC hosted on the 4th and 5th of June 2016 the German U12 age grade rugby championship on its own turf in Großhadern.
Playing in front of a huge cheering crowd, the Lions were seeded in Group A together with the Berlin Rugby Club and the strong RGH from Heidelberg. The opening match was against the “Prussians”: Berlin proved immediately to have a very skilful backline and put the Munich boys under pressure from the very beginning with clever kicks and quick moves of its backs. Munich defended with intent and passion and tried, with Basile in particular, to create scoring chances; it was however Berlin that kept the scoreboard going. The MRFC had a very good chance when its captain, Riccardo, darted along the right touchline, only to be stopped short of the try line.
Despite the defeat, the Lions regrouped quickly and, in the game against RGH, showed pace and power: among the forwards, Jérémie and Lucas were impressive and cleaned the rucks superbly, while Basile at scrum-half and Riccardo at fly-half skilfully orchestrated the backline. The first try was scored by a magnificent Jérémie, who powerfully drove from a ruck five metres from the opponents’ try line. It was then Connor to score by one of his typical strong runs, before Riccardo treated the public to a superb try, scored after swerving amidst five or six opponents; that was however one of his last actions in play, as he was badly injured after a tackle. With Basile also off the pitch, after having scored a try, and the score tied to 4:2 for Munich, there was a certain apprehension in the home crowd, but Adam - now replacing Riccardo - proved a valid captain and led the team to a resounding 8:2 victory, with Erwan scoring twice.
With this victory and the bonus, the MRFC secured a place among the first eight teams, the best result ever at a German championship; full of confidence, the Lions headed towards the quarter-final against the strong TSV Handschuhsheim, which they had beaten only a month before in Frankfurt.
The match was more like trench warfare, with both teams attempting to break the opponents’ defence to no avail: Munich, deprived of its captain Riccardo, seemed to lack edge in attack, although Esther - brilliant in attack and in defence - made several dangerous incursions on the wings, only to be stopped by RGH without her team mates being able to support her effectively; Basile towered above the rest of the team, desperately trying to find a break in the enemy lines; Eudes was his usual, generous self, tackling everything in sight, imitated by the equally industrious Quentin. It was however the TSV that found its way over the line, before scoring again with three minutes to go. Although some decisions by the referee influenced the course of the game, TSV deserved to win for its resilience; Munich however proved to be up to the challenge and showed that it has reached a level that was unthinkable only one year ago.
The game against the TSV concluded the first day of the championship.
On the second tournament day, a rainy Sunday, the MRFC captain rejoined its team for the warm-up but, alas, the team hopes of having Riccardo up and running soon proved unfounded, as his knee was still hurting and forced him on the sidelines, where he vocally supported his teammates. In the match for the 5/6 place against Düsseldorf, fatigue began to show its effects among the Munich ranks: in fact, the battle was soon lost in the rucks, where Munich always came second best. Deprived of possession, the MRFC defended fiercely but never managed to pose any threat in attack; the ISD managed to score a solitary try, which was however enough to win.
The final match was against a tough SC Neuenheim. Munich seemed to have recovered and fought hard; again, although the SCN deserved to win, some decisions by the referee did not help Munich cause. The SCN cleverly put the MRFC under pressure with kicks deep into Munich 22 metres: the slippery turf and Munich mental and bodily fatigue allowed the Heidelberg outfit to score two easy tries, one of them after the referee had incorrectly awarded the SCN a scrum on the MRFC 5-metre line, after a kick by the SCN had been touched down by the MRFC in its in-goal. Yet Basile, again magnificent in his effort to carry the team on his shoulders, managed to score and appeared to have brought Munich back into the game; the SCN however hit back and managed to keep the MRFC off its try line. Esther was once again impressive but her efforts were in vain, as the team seemed to be disjointed in the end.
Despite this defeat, which meant a final eighth place (out of thirteen teams) in the overall table, the MRFC U12 team proved to be at the level of teams such as the TSV (4th place) and Düsseldorf (5th place) and, more importantly, has placed its presence firmly in the German rugby landscape: the numerous praising comments by the trainers of the opposing teams are testimony to the respect that the young Lions have managed to conquer on the pitch.

Vorrunde Gruppe 1: München RFC, Berliner RFC, RG Heidelberg
München RFC vs. Berloiner RFC  0:35
Berliner RC vs. RG Heidelberg  30:10
München RFC vs. RG Heidelberg : 40:10

Vorrunde Gruppe 2: SC Frankfurt 1880, VfR Döhren, SC Neuenheim
SC Franfurt 1880 vs. VfR Döhren  65:5
VfR Döhren vs. SC Neuneheim  25:25
SC Neuenheim vs. SC Frankfurt 1880  5:55

Vorrunde Gruppe 3: Heidelberger RK, RK 03 Berlin, IS Düsseldorf
Heidelberger RK vs. RK 03 Berlin  45:10
IS Düsseldorf vs. RK 03 Berlin  30:5
IS Düsseldorf vs. Heidelberger RK  5:35

Vorrunde Gruppe 4: Hannover 78, RK Heusnestamm, TSV Handschuhsheim, ETV Koalas Hamburg
Hannover 78 vs. ETV Koalas Hamburg  50:0
RK Heusenstamm vs. TSV Handchuhsheim  0:50
RK Heusenstamm vs. ETV Koalas Hamburg  10:35
Hannover 78 vs. TSV Handschuhsheim  5:10
TSV Handschuhsheim vs. ETV Koals Hamburg  35:0
Hannover 78 vs RK Heusenstamm  55:0

Berliner RC vs. SC Neuenheim  20:5
SC Frankfurt 1880 vs. IS Düsseldorf  40:5
Heidelberger RK vs. Hannover 78  10:5
München RFC vs. TSV Handschuhsheim  0:10

Platzierungsspiele Platz 9 bis 13:
RG Heidelberg vs. VfR Döhren  0:15
RK 03 Berlin vs. ETV Koalas Hamburg  20:5
RK Heusenstamm vs. RG Heidelberg 5:10
VfR Döhren vs. RK 03 Berlin  10:0
ETV Koalas Hamburg vs. RK Heusenstamm  5:0
RG Heidelberg vs. RK 03 Berlin  5:20
ETV Koalas Hamburg vs. VfR Döhren  5:30
RK Heusenstamm vs. RK 03 Berlin  0:20
RK Heusnestamm vs. VfR Döhren  0:25
RG Heidelberg vs ETV Koalas Hamburg  25:0

Platzierungsspiele Platz 5 bis 8:
SC Neuenheim vs. Hannover 78  5:20
München RFC vs. IS Düsseldorf  0:5

Spiel um Platz 7 und 8: München RFC vs SC Neuenheim  5:15
Spiel um Platz 5 und 6: Hannover 78 vs. IS Düsseldorf  0:5

Berliner RC vs. Heidelberger RK  5:10
SC Frankfurt 1880 vs. TSV Handschuhsheim  50:0

Spiel um Platz 3 und 4: Berliner RC vs. TSV Handschuhsheim  10:5

Finale: SC Frankfurt 1880 vs. Heidelberger RK  25.0

Ergebnisse: hier

U10 und U12  RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Regensburg
Regensburg, 05. Mai 2016

Spielbericht folgt!
Trainer: Fernando Zamola
Martin Kerschensteiner
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Bruno Zamola, Timoté Dupuis, Thomas Pearson, Oliver Pearson, Noah Eyselt, Max Rumary, Giorgio Delli Colli, Samuel Boetius.
München RFC – RC Unterföhring: 45:5 (Tries: Giorgio Delli Colli 2x, Bruno Zamola 3x, Oliver Pearson, Max Rumary, Samuel Boetius)
München RFC – SC Gröbenzell: 35:5 (Tries: Giorgio Delli Colli 3x, Timoté Dupuis 2x, Bruno Zamola 2x)
München RFC – RC Unterföhring: 40:20 (Tries: Giorgio Delli Colli 3x, Timoté Dupuis, )
München RFC – SC Gröbenzell: 25:15 (Tries: Bruno Zamola 4x, Samuel Boetius)

Spielbericht folgt!

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Erwan Bauer, Riccardo Cossu, Quentin Moughty, Theo Gavras, Daniel Cunney, Adam Lauvergne, Giorgio Lombardi, Théophane Jansonnie, Fynn Khiari, Esther Pearce, Connor De Lucia, Lucas Delord, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Nicolas Henry, Leander Ross, Francesco Uber, Raphael Millou, Eudes Vermersch.
München RFC I – RC Regensburg: 20:15 (Tries: Erwan Bauer 3x, Jérémie Kerschensteiner)
München RFC I – München RFC II: 15:20 (Tries MRFC I: Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Erwan Bauer; MRFC II: Daniel Cunney 2x, Adam Lauvergne, Quentin Moughty)
München RFC I – RC Regensburg: 25:25 (Tries: Quentin Moughty, Théophane Jansonnie, Adam Lauvergne)
München RFC I – München RFC II: 15:20 (Tries MRFC I: Daniel Cunney 2x, Quentin Moughty; MRFC II: Giorgio Lombardi 2x, Esther Pearce, Connor De Lucia)
München RFC II – RC Regensburg: 15:5 (Tries: Connor De Lucia, Esther Pearce, Riccardo Cossu)

U12  Jugendfestival in Frankfurt
Frankfurt, 30. April 2016

Alessandro Cossu
The MRFC U12 team participated for the first time in the Frankfurt rugby international festival during the weekend of the 30th April and 1st of May. The squad gathered at Munich main station on Friday 29 and, greeted by a crowd of parents, travelled to its final destination, the youth hostel “Haus der Jugend”.
On Saturday the squad found its way to the sportsground of the SC 1880 Frankfurt rugby club, where it played in pool A against TSV Handschuhsheim, RCP XV Paris (France), RK Petrovice (Czech Republic) and TGS Hausen.
In the opening game against Handschuhsheim, against which the U12 team had managed so far a solitary draw in the SAS tournaments, the MRFC immediately made a strong start by clearly beating the strong Heidelberg outfit: led by Riccardo at scrum-half, our sly three-quarter Basile and the powerful Connor and Jérémie cut through the Heidelberg defense to score four times and get the first win ever over TSV. The subsequent game against Hausen was a potential banana skin, as the relatively unexperienced team from Hausen was reinforced by two HRK players and several players of the strong Czech club RK Petrovice, which eventually won the pool. Munich took an early lead and played with composure; Hausen struck back and then managed to score twice to gain the lead, but the Lions kept calm and, thanks to a try by their captain, Riccardo, and another impressive display of power by Connor, Munich secured the game. With two wins under their belt, the Lions took the pitch against the strong Parisian team of the RCP XV; the French outfit however proved superior and, despite a very brave defensive display by the MRFC, it inflicted our boys a first defeat.
Our kids regrouped quickly, though, and in their final pool game against the physically awe-inspiring Czech team of the RK Petrovice, Munich played its best game of the whole tournament. The RK Petrovice, which eventually seized the fourth place in the final tournament table in the U12 age group, went into the game as strong favourite, since it had managed to beat the RCP XV. Giacomo, our trainer, proved again to be not only an excellent coach but also a fine psychologist and, by cunningly managing the replacements, found the right mix of players to stop such a fearsome opponent. The Lions fought with a courage and intensity that totally surprised the Czech team: two tries by Basile, again one of the best players, and a really impressive score by Erwan, gave Munich an unexpected lead. The whole team, in particular Jérémie, Eudes, Esther and Connor, was magnificent in defense and stopped the huge opponents in their starting tracks; with less than a minute to the end, the game seemed secured for Munich. Unfortunately, a loose ball from a ruck five metres from Munich try line could not be kicked out into touch: one of the Czech players was quick to collect it and to dot it down, thus drawing the game. The MRFC thus ended the group phase with a thoroughly deserved third place, only one point behind the RCP XV and two points behind the RK Petrovice.
On Sunday, the MRFC played for the 9th to 12th places against the likes of the PUC II (Paris Université Club), Pont-à-Mousson and the Dutch club Haagse RC.
The opening game against the Parisian outfit was a very close affair: despite a clear technical disparity in terms of handling and tactical skills between the two teams, the Lions showed again how important it is to have a strong will and a positive attitude. The French team in the end prevailed 10:5, but the game confirmed the growth in confidence and cohesion of the MRFC. The kids thus went into the second game against another Freach team, Pont-à-Mousson, full of confidence and gathered the deserved fruits of their hard work by beating the French 10-5: after an early try by Pont-à-Mousson, Riccardo drew first through one of his typical runs and then made another break, before passing to Erwan, who collected the ball and made a powerful run on the wing to score the winning try.
The final game against the tough Haagse RC was not easy, as the team began to show the signs of tiredness and injuries began to take their toll. The physicality of the Dutch proved too much and, despite two brilliant tries by Erwan, again, Munich ended the tournament with a defeat and the eleventh place in the final table, fourth-best German team behind the likes of Frankfurt first team, HRK and Hannover. 
The tournament was an excellent test bench for the team in preparation to the German national championship; it cemented the team and allowed the players not only to improve themselves technically but, most importantly, to find a mental strength and self-belief that until now had only appeared occasionally.
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi
Alessandro Cossu
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Riccardo Cossu (Capt.), Basile de Broissia, Connor De Lucia, Esther Pearce, Eudes Vermersch, Erwan Bauer, Bastien Le Roux, Lucas Delord, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Giorgio Delli Colli, Giorgio Lombardi, Quentin Moughty, Daniel Cunney, Adam Lauvergne, Théo Lelarge
München RFC – TSV Handschuhsheim: 20:10 (Tries: Basile de Broissia 2x, Connor De Lucia, Jérémie Kerschensteiner)
München RFC – TSG Hausen: 20:15 (Tries: Connor De Lucia, Erwan Bauer, Riccardo Cossu, Daniel Cunney)
München RFC – RCP XV Paris: 0:35
München RFC – RK Petrovice: 15:15 (Tries: Basile de Broissia 2x, Erwan Bauer)
Spiele Platz 9 bis 12:
München RFC – PUC II: 5:10 (Try: Erwan Bauer)
München RFC – Pont-a-Mousson: 10:5 (Tries: Erwan Bauer, Riccardo Cossu)
München RFC – Haagsche RC: 10:25 (Tries: Erwan Bauer 2x)

U12  SAS-Rugby Turnier in Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 24. April 2016

Alessandro Cossu
For the first time since the beginning of the season, the MRFC U12 group was simultaneously represented in two different tournaments held at geographically distant venues. This of course meant that the two teams had a limited number of replacements available, but the attempt was well worthwhile, as the whole squad could play full games, and it is testimony to the huge efforts and progress of Munich’s age grade rugby in the last year.
The larger team travelled to Stuttgart and played in the penultimate SAS tournament of the season against the likes of HRK, RGH, SCN, the home team of the Stuttgarter Rugby Club, Worms and the Rugby Club Konstanz. Very cold weather conditions marked the tournament and, together with the limited depth of the bench (reduced to two players only, due to Francesco’s last-minute default) definitely influenced the Lions’ performance.
As it turned out, SCN was actually a mix of SCN players and five or six pupils of a Montpellier school on a school exchange in Heidelberg, while Constance played with the support of several HRK players: the level was therefore quite high, despite the absence of Frankfurt and Handschuhsheim.
The MRFC played in pool B with Worms and the “new kids in the block”, Konstanz. As usual, Munich start in the opening match against Worms was a bit lethargic but, after having allowed an early try by Worms, the Lions slowly regrouped and started to implement the game plan that Giacomo had tried at training: the tackles began to be more accurate, although several players still showed deficits in this area, and a much more effective pressure was exerted on Worms. Munich finally played with composure and scored with Lucas a nicely worked try. The MRFC stepped up a gear and, through another nice collective effort, secured the win thanks to a powerful drive by Jérémie, who shone through the tournament for his will to fight and a huge number of turnovers.
The next game against Constance promised to be a thrilling fight for the first berth in the pool, as the RC Konstanz had shown, in its match against Worms, that it could play an expansive brand of rugby by scoring seven tries to three.
The match lived up to the expectations but, much to the surprise of Constance training staff, who seemed to expect to thrash Munich, it was the Lions that displayed the better rugby. Constance scored a first try, but the MRFC soon regrouped and, thanks to a truly collective and orderly effort in and good pressure, Munich equalised with Jérémie, once again impressive. Constance hit back and Munich quickly responded with Quentin, who also gave another display of his exemplary tackling technique and maturity on the pitch. From this moment onwards it was Munich to lead the dance and it looked as if it would win the game: in the last minute, Munich’s captain, Riccardo, picked up a loose ball and beat several opponents thanks to his quick footwork; however, when he finally passed to Daniel, waiting on his blocks to speed towards the try line, our Irish-Italian winger unluckily fumbled with the ball and knocked it on. The draw (10-10) meant Munich finished second and unbeaten in the pool behind Constance, due to points difference.
In the round for places 1 to 4, Munich played against a strong HRK outfit. Cold, fatigue and the very limited depth of the bench started to take their toll, as tackling and concentration began to wane: Munich conceded two early, soft tries and needed a while to regroup. Although the final score was a bit tough (25:0), the team showed a good defensive attitude and made the Heidelberger work very hard, as their managers tehmselves acknowledged.
In the final match against SCN (which the MRFC regularly beat this season), the contribution of the “Légion étrangère” from Montpellier proved to be decisive; Munich however saved the honour by scoring a beautiful try with Théophane.
All in all a good test for the DM with positive signs for Giacomo, particularly in view of the performance of some players, like Esther, Jérémie and Lucas; Eudes deserves a mention for his match against Constance. Quentin was outstanding as usual. Mental strength and concentration need however to improve, as Munich conceded too many tries in the early phases of the games.
Trainer: Giacomo Bernobi
Alessandro Cossu
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Riccardo Cossu, Basile De Broissa, Daniel Cunney, Connor De Lucia, Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Lucas Delord, Esther Pearce, Quentin Moughty, Théo Lelarge, Eudes Vermesch, Théophane Jansonnie, Raphaël Millou.
München RFC – RC Worms: 10:5 (Tries: Lucas Delord, Jérémie Kerschensteiner)
München RFC – RC Konstanz: 10:10 (Tries: Jérémie Kerschensteiner, Quentin Moughty)
München RFC – Heidelberger RK: 0:25
München RFC – SC Neuenheim: 5:25 (Try: Théophane Jansonnie)